Norway, Finland present best practices on CBC

A new book co-authored by the Norwegian Barents Secretariat discusses the applicability of Finnish and Norwegian experiences from border management and cross-border cooperation in other European border regions.
The book Ex Borea Lux? (“Is the light coming from the north?”) was presented at the 3rd Forum on Cross-Border Cooperation in a Wider Europe in Chisinau, Moldova, 21 November.

The book concludes that a key element of success in both Finland and Norway’s policies is the central role of the border areas themselves in policy making and practical cross-border cooperation. “Issues of regional development and CBC must be entrusted to regional authorities, because only the regional level of power is capable of recognizing the development needs on the ground”, the publication reads.

In addition, the two countries have developed innovative project grant mechanisms supporting a wide range of cross-border activities. While Finland has been in forefront in the development of EU mechanisms such as Interreg and ENPI CBC, Norway is successfully developed its grant programmes in the Barents Region.

The publication is a cooperation project between the Barents Secretariat, the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Prague-based Institute of Stability and Development. It includes Finnish and Norwegian case studies, which are studied and reviewed by experts from other border regions, among them from Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary and Poland. Key examples used in the book are from the Finnish-Russian cooperation in Euroregion Karelia, and from the Barents Region.

The Forum on Cross-Border Cooperation in a Wider Europe is supported by organizations from several European border regions, among them the Norwegian Barents Secretariat. The next Forum will take place in Joensuu, Finland.


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