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The Norwegian Barents Secretariat contributes to the financing and updating of several web sites on the internet. is the general web site for our work and areas of priority, while the pages we have linked to below is aimed at covering special topics.
Web sites updated by the Norwegian Barents Secretariat  
BarentsYouth web site It is an overall aim of the Barents Youth programme to make the Barents Region more attractive for young people so that they stay in the region or return after completing their education. The Programme offers young people opportunities for mobility and active participation in the Barents cooperation and the development of the Barents Region. It aims to contribute to the achievement of increased cross border youth cooperation within all areas in addition to development of skills and competencies, which promote active citizenship.  
 Barents Indigenous web site Indigenous peoples is one out of five areas of priority for the Norwegian Barents Secretariat. This web site provides information about the secretariat's funding of indigenous peoples projects and about our work to promote indigenous peoples activities.  Both within the frames of the Norwegian Barents Secretariat's work and for all indigenous peoples in the Barents Region.  
BarentsPhoto web site is a online image database provided to you by the Norwegian Barents Secretariat. Here you will find our thematic photography directory designed to promote the Barents Region.  This site is categorised into themes including nature, wildlife, people, transport, religion, security and industry. Or you can find images from different geographical parts of the Barents region by using the meny to the left. All images are taken by the staff of the Norwegian Barents Secretariat.  
BarentsObserver web site is an open Internet news service, which offers daily updated news from and about the Barents Region. The site is run by the Norwegian Barents Secretariat in Kirkenes, Norway. The site presents news stories from all the four countries in the region: Russia, Norway, Sweden and Finland. All news stories are presented in English and Russian.
Web sites cooperating with the Norwegian Barents Secretariat  
BEAC web site

The official web site for the Barents Euro Arctic Council. Operated by the International Barents Secretariat, which is situated in the same building as the Norwegian Barents Secretariat in Kirkenes. The web site provides information about the various bodies of the Barents Cooperation. The Barents Euro-Arctic Council, The Barents Regional Council, the Barents Regional Committee, the working groups and the committees.  
BarentsInfo web page  was built by a Finnish, Norwegian, Russian and Swedish cooperation project which was funded by the European Union Kolartic Interreg program for the years 2003-2004.The portal is maintained by the Science Communication unit of the Arctic Centre University of Lapland, and contains general information about the region, articles giving an overview of different topics and links.  
Barents Institute The Barents Institute (BAI) was established on 1st February 2006. It has commenced its operation by engaging in several networks and joint research programmes with universities in the Barents Regions, and with institutes and universities in central Russia, southern Scandinavia and internationally. The BAI‘s joint efforts include: research, higher education, outreach, and applications for additional funding. The BAI organises three to four conferences each year and its researchers contribute at many more meetings. 



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