Guidelines and conditions

For grants from the Norwegian Barents Secretariat

Primary objective for the Barents Secretariat's projects funds

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has placed regional funds at the disposal of the Barents Secretariat. The primary objective for the project support given by the Barents Secretariat is to strengthen the extensive people-to-people and economic co-operation between Norway and Russia in the north.

Areas of priority

  1. Culture
  2. Competence
  3. Indigenous peoples
  4. Industrial and commercial development
  5. Environment

The project support is given to cover costs in connection with the realisation of projects. Typical budget posts are, for instance, “travel and board/lodging”, “interpretation”, “administration”, and “project management”.

Support cannot be counted on for the following initiatives:

  • humanitarian aid
  • research
  • marketing
  • physical investments
  • ordinary working expenses
  • establishment of businesses in Norway
  • publications and production of information material
  • development of web-sites
  • professional film and CD-production
  • covering of deficits

Formal Criteria

  • Support is only given to Norwegian-Russian co-operation projects in the Barents region, or to Norwegian and Russian participation in multilateral projects in the region.
  • The application must be handed in by the Norwegian partner in the project. The applicant can be a Norwegian public institution, private company, foundation, organisation or private person.
  • The application must be submitted in Norwegian or English on the Barents Secretariat’s application form. All fields must be completed. Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant.
  • The applicant must contribute with at least 30% equity capital (the applicant’s own work effort is accepted).
  • A project can not be started before the application for support from the Barents Secretariat is handed in.
  • As a main rule The Norwegian Barents Secretariat cannot support projects which receive grants from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or other funds financed by the same ministry.

Aspects that are emphasised during consideration of applications

  • The project must have good co-operation content.
  • The Barents Secretariat puts emphasis on whether the project is possible to carry on and have a future after the project period is over.
  • The project must be most possible result oriented.
  • Projects with Russian equity capital are given priority. However, it is not expected a high level of Russian equity capital in projects where the Russian partner is a NGO.
  • The project’s budget must be cost effective.

Application deadlines

For projects where the application sum to the Barents Secretariat exceeds NOK 400,000 there are 2 application deadlines a year; March 1st and October 1st.

For projects where the application sum is less than NOK 400,000 the applications are administratively and consecutively processed by the Barents Secretariat. It may take up to 4-6 weeks to process an individual application.

Administration of funds and accounts

Payments of grants are normally retrogressive, i.e. coverage of expenses that have been incurred. Advance payments (up to 75%) are an exception and made only upon application for this by the grant receiver. No payments can be made until the Barents Secretariat has received the commitment confirmation and confirmed financing from the grant receiver.

Before the final payment of the grant is made the reporting form in the online application portal at must be filled out and auditor-certification must be enclosed.  For grants that do not exceed NOK 100.000 there is no need to have the account certified by an auditor.

Contact information:
The Norwegian Barents Secretariat
P.O. Box 276 (Street address: Rådhusgata 8)
NO-9915 Kirkenes
Telephone: (+47) 78 97 70 50
Telefax: (+47) 78 97 70 55

Information about other sources of funding for project work in the Barents Region is available on our home page.


Norwegian Barents Secretariat
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Russian offices

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