Exhibition "Painting with fur" in Norway

Museum of Tromso University (Norway) has been hosting a joint Russian - Norwegian exhibition "Painting with fur" starting from November 4, 2007. The exposition consist of 72 exhibits from the collection of the Nenets Museum of Local Lore (Naryan-Mar, Nenets autonomous okrug, Russia).
Ivar and Ekaterina_200x150
Ivar Bjorklund and Ekaterina Bobrikova
The project has been initiated after the museum of Tromso University has expressed its interest to a unique collection of the Nenets female bags that stored in the Nenets Museum of Local Lore. The curator of the exhibition from Norwegian side is Ivar Bjorklund, the ethnographer well known in the Nenets okrug for his regular visits to tundra and organization of the project "Summer nomadic school" for the reindeer breeders’s commune "Yamb-to".
Before the exhibition arrived to Norway, both museums have fulfilled huge amount of work on preparation of all necessary documents, selection of exhibits, development of exhibition’s catalogue. And now Norwegians have this opportunity to get acquainted with Nenets culture, to see skills of the Nenets women.
Ekaterina at work_200x150
Ekaterina Bobrikova at work
The exposition was opened on November 4, in the Museum of Tromso University. Ekaterina Nikitichna Bobrikova, skilled worker, famous producer of traditional Nenets bags, coats and toys has worked from November 4 until November 12 at that exhibition. She told visitors of the exhibition how Nenets people process reindeer skins; how women in tundra sew clothes; what are the Nenets ornaments, etc. There were lots of questions from visitors addressed to her.
Tutsya bag
Tutsya bag
As to the exhibition itself, there were different Nenets bags presented there: the “pad” - for storage of for clothing and footwear; the “tutsya” - for storing sewing equipment; the “padko” - for storage of small-sized items. The bags are made of fur from reindeer, seal and even birds’ skins. Bags are richly decorated with colored cloth; sometimes the hooves of newly born reindeer calves were used for decoration. All exhibits were collected from 1960 until 1990 in the tundra where European Nenets live and kept in the collection of the Nenets Museum of Local Lore (Naryan-Mar).
Besides bags other objects were displayed at the exhibition such as traditional female fur coats– “panitsa”, footwear - “pimy”, headdress – “kapor”. At the exhibition it’s possible to see not only finished fur items, but also different sewing accessories - thimbles, scissors, sinews, and also samples of ornaments. Most of the exhibits presented at the exposition are unique because made in the single copy and also have a great historical-cultural and artistic value.
That exhibition is a good example of successful Barents cooperation between the Nenets Museum of Local Lore and three museums of Northern Norway: the Museum of Tromso University, Varanger
The exhibition “Painting with fur” was developed thanks to a grant provided by the Norwegian Barents Secretariat and budget financing within the Nenets okrug’s regional program of intermediate term called «Development of culture of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug» for 2007. It will be on display at foregoing Norwegian museums in 2007-2008.


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